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Lifestyle Adaptation

Posted April 5th, 2013 in Requirements by Judith Howe

Becoming a Flight Attendant requires that you develop and personalize a mindset and operating system that will allow you to handle the rigors and stresses of the inherent lifestyle.  As you become completely immersed in the occupation of traveling all the time, and living in a relatively detached life, developing a disciplined mindset will be critical to your sustained success.  Before you take the plunge, I would recommend that you start developing certain habits that will contribute to the success of your lifestyle.

Sustaining the lifestyle of an active Flight Attendant will present you with a new set of challenges.  The challenges of particular concern are sleep patterns, nutritional intake, fitness, and finances.  Being aware of these challenges will help you determine if this is the career for you, and will allow you to prepare mentally for the challenges that await you, shall you decide to pursue a Flight Attendant

Sleep Patterns

If keeping a healthy sleep schedule is something that escapes you, then you need to manage this issue to a degree of functionality.  Changing time-zones constantly, and being required to stay attentive to a cabin full of passengers for a long duration will certainly exacerbate the problem at hand.  Some simple habits that will help start you off in the right direction are:

  • Draw down caffeine intake to where you can function a full day without any caffeine.  This applies particularly to caffeinated beverages.  My thought on this is if you rely on coffee, for example, to get you through the day, then when it’s time to go to bed your body is probably still winding itself down from the day long caffeine binge.  The other problem with caffeine is if you drink only one cup in the morning, your body is going to crash midday.  Thereby requiring additional caffeine intake to maintain your desired energy levels.  And so you see the vicious cycle that you can become trapped in.
  • Stick to a meal plan that doesn’t send you to bed with a full or empty stomach.
  • Get into the habit of not drinking excessive alcohol before bed.  In fact, try to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before you go to bed to ensure hydration.
  • Schedule your exercise routine well before your bedtime.  Your energy levels will increase as a result of moderate to intense exercise, therefore, save it for the time of day that it will actually be useful energy.
  • If you use an alarm clock, consider switching over and becoming used to your cell phones alarm settings.  Become less reliant on things that do not travel with you.  This concept can be applied to everything that enables your day to day functionality.  Become 100% mobile.

Nutritional Intake

Think about how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet when personally traveling by airfare.  Being a Flight Attendant could potentially magnify this concern.  Find a meal plan that meets your nutritional goals and prepare in advance.

I know exactly how many calories I need in each of my meals, and I pack exactly what I need before I head out on a flight.  I give myself a healthy portion of carbohydrates before I leave, which will give me all the energy I need for the day.  I will then pack the additional calories that I need to hold me over until I arrive at my final destination.

So, it would be wise to get yourself into the habit of establishing a nutritional diet that will allow you to sustain maximum energy levels, and allow you to be completely mobile for the day.  I am not suggesting that you pick up some weight loss diet program that you can take with you all over the place.  Just get into the habit of consuming a healthy base meal in the morning and packing the rest of your required caloric intake for the rest of the day.  Make minor modifications that suit your needs and preferences.


Fitness is such an important part of my day to day routine.  I can definitely attribute any success that I may have had to being continuously fit.  Even Richard Branson has quoted as saying that “working out has given him at least four additional hours of productive time each day.”

My advice here is to figure out a daily fitness routine that will only require 10 to 30 minutes of your daily time, and can be performed just about anywhere.  I have developed three different lists of work-out routines that do not require any specialized equipment.  I will randomly pick one routine off of each list, for a total of three routines per day.  No routine can be performed twice within the same week.  Each list targets a different portion of the body.  One list targets the lower body, the other targets the core, and the last targets the upper body.  This fitness program that I implement has been inspired by the crossfit ideals.

Customizing a fitness program like this is incredible because it is something that you can take with you anywhere.  You don’t need a gym or a treadmill.  It’s very simple and very practical.  Most importantly doing these three routines every day will increase your energy and productivity to new heights.


Keeping a balanced financial system will definitely present some new challenges for you as you transition to the Flight Attendant career.  As I have talked about, the Flight Attendant salary doesn’t necessarily allow you to roll around in cash when you’re starting out.  Establishing a budget and living by it is what you should strive for, and most importantly, being frugal with your per-diem will keep you afloat.

I talk a lot more about the Financial aspects of becoming a Flight Attendant in my in my Flight Attendant Salary post, so I won’t go into great detail about that, and I won’t get on my soap box about why you shouldn’t go into excessive debt with credit cards.  But, I will say that if you haven’t been real good with your finances up to this point, I would recommend that you get with it.  Start with small goals, and progressively become 100% accountable for your finances.

To be honest with you, I don’t balance a check book anymore.  That was something that I was happy to give up.  But, I have replaced the chicken scratch with better tools.  I populate my Google Calendar with all of my billing due dates.  I’ve set up a account to keep track of my expenses and set goals.  And I use Google Drive to set up a budget spreadsheet.  All of these tools are free, and will definitely help you stay accountable for your finances.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. If you are serious about starting a career as Commercial Airline Flight Attendant, then read The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant - Kiki Ward explains it all! If becoming a corporate flight attendant jives with you check out Beyond the Red Carpet.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, of contact me here.


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