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How To Become an American Airlines Flight Attendant

Posted June 5th, 2013 in Requirements by Judith Howe

Interview Process for Flight Attendant American Airlines

If you have a love for travel, then you may want to consider a career as a flight attendant for American Airlines. American Airlines is looking for people who possess a warm and inviting smile, a caring attitude and attention to service to join their outstanding team of flight attendants. Great communication skills, ability to handle a variety of tasks, dependability, neat personal appearance, and the right to work in the United States are just some of the qualifications American Airlines is looking for in their candidates. If you meet these qualifications, and you are ready to embark on an exciting career opportunity, follow these steps on the interview process with American Airlines:

1. Apply online: First, go to the American Airlines website at to apply for the flight attendant position online. Read the description and qualifications, and if you wish to apply, click the “Apply Online” link at the bottom of the page. If you do not have one already, you will need to create a username and password. You will then be directed to fill out an online application, upload your current resume, and add a cover letter. Make sure the contact information you give is accurate.

how-to-become-an-american-airlines-flight-attendant2. Personality test: After American Airlines has carefully reviewed your online application, and if you are selected for the next step, American Airlines will email you a Personality Test. This test is pretty standard practice in human resource today. There are no right or wrong questions; however, this test shows if you have the personal traits suited for a flight attendant with American Airlines. As a result, you should answer each question honestly.

3. Telephone interview: If American Airlines accepts you for the next step following your personality test results, you will receive an email to set up a telephone interview. The telephone interview will be automated, and it will be 6 questions in which you have 3 minutes to respond. The questions range from describing a time you had to deal with an angry customer to explaining what got you excited about a career as a flight attendant with American Airlines.

4. In-person interview: Upon successful completion of the automated interview, a representative from American Airlines will call to set up the in-person interview. The in-person interview could take place in any major city throughout the country, but it most likely will take place at their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The interview day will consist of different activities including a group task, a small group interview and a 1-on-1 interview. Prepare for typical interview questions for the 1-on-1 interview. If American Airlines is interested in you, they will send you for fingerprinting that day. The fingerprinting is sent to the FBI for analysis, and it can take up to 14 days to process. At the end of the day, a van will transport you back to the airport for your flight home.

5. Acceptance call: About one week after the in-person interview in Fort Worth, if American Airlines wishes to extend you an offer they will call you to let you know you have been accepted and schedule a foreign language test for you. The foreign language test will be 100 percent in that language.

6. Final documents and medical exam: After completing the foreign language test, American Airlines will send you compliance forms to fill out and send back within 3 days. You will also need to sign in to the new hire portal and accept the job offer. Upon officially accepting the job offer, American Airlines will send you an email to schedule the medical and agility exams. These exams take place back at their headquarters in Fort Worth, so you will fly out to complete the exams. The medical exam consists of two urine tests, color blind and depth test, blood pressure, height and weight, and questions about your medical history. The agility test involves moving a crate while the weight is turned up to 60 pounds.

7. Training: Finally, American Airlines will call you upon successful completion of the medical and agility exams. You will be scheduled for a training date, and well on your way to becoming an flight attendant for American Airlines. You need to be patient during this entire interview process as the whole thing may take up to six months.

I hope this post gives you a good idea of what things look like behind the doors of American Airlines. If you are serious about starting a career as Commercial Airline Flight Attendant, then read The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant - Kiki Ward explains it all!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, of contact me here.


90 Responses so far.

  1. Diana Jimenez says:

    I speak Spanish and I’m studying English and I want to apply for one flight attendant training. I may be abaliable with an intermediate level of English? thanks for responding. DIANA J

    • Judith Howe says:

      For training, I think you should be able to get by with intermediate English speaking skills. For employment, however, you’ll need to speak and practice fluent English. There is a difference there…

  2. Stephanie M says:

    if i get hire by any chance do I get to stay in my hometown or do I have to relocate? and I’m also a student is this a job that i can do?

    • Judith Howe says:

      Stepahnie – Becoming a FA typically involves relocating to a main hub of the airline. If you are a campus student, it would be pretty difficult to juggle both schedule. However, you could certainly pull it off if you were an online/distance student.

  3. Carlos says:

    Does AA hire anyone who does not an american passport? I mean an american citizenship

    • Judith Howe says:

      At a minimum AA will look for applicants who have a legal right to be working in the US. This would probably mean a work visa or citizenship. If you could obtain legal working status, and you are proficient in more than one language, then you will be in pretty good shape. Good luck!

      • Carlos says:

        Thanks for replying me, my situation is: I took the course for flight atttendants in Brazil and I was approved by the Brazilian government one week before coming to the USA. I have a student status here and starting next year I can get at my school, a social security number and work permit through the program that I will apply for, named business english. So do u think I have any chance to get a position as a flight attendant in the US? For domestic flights I mean. Thank u so much in advance.

  4. Autumn says:

    I just applied a week ago and got invited to do a video chat interview today. Im extremely nervous because I really want this job! However, do you know how strict the background testing goes? I have a misdemeanor for driving with a suspended license :(

    • Judith Howe says:

      Autumn – That’s awesome. I wish you luck! I wouldn’t worry too much over a misdemeanor. A felony is usually a red flag, not a misdemeanor (we’ve all got one :)

      • Autumn says:

        Hey! I just wanted to do an update :) I completed my video interview and I thought I did horrible because I was so nervous! But, it must have not been too bad because I got invided to Dallas for my face to face interview! The questions you said they would ask were spot on! My interview is on Tuesday! I am so excited! Wish me luck!!

      • Jackie says:

        Hey Judith! I just applied yesterday for a position to become a flight attendant ..:) How long do you takes it usually takes to get a response?? And also, if i don’t hear back in a decent amount of time should I call to show my interest..I don’t want to make a mistake by calling. Thank you so much for your all your advice :D


  5. Ivette says:

    I applied two weeks ago for the flight attendant Spanish speaking position. I received an email inviting me to do a video interview I am very nervous because I really want this position. What should expect from the online interview ? What are my chances for qualifying for the flight attendant position ?

    • Judith Howe says:

      That’s great. Congratulations on making it this far. For interview questions, I would expect most of them to be hypothetical situation questions. They are going to judge your interview based on the quality of your answers. Good quality is typically judged by how your answers keep your passengers best interests in mind first and foremost. Secondly, they will be listening for good attitude and clarity in your responses. Lastly, since it’s video (relatively new thing), you better have that smile on you at all times :)

      Here is a quick list of potential questions that I pulled from You should be prepared to grapple these types of questions. Disclaimer – these are just example questions…every interview process presents slightly different twists on how these questions are asked.
      - Q1: What aspects of being a FA do you think would be the most difficult or different from other customer service jobs?
      - Q2: AA bases are located in large metropolitan areas, tell me about your experience moving and living in a new city?
      - Q3: You are approached by an elderly woman who has just gotten off a flight. She is very upset because her flight was late and she has to get to her daughter’s wedding tomorrow. She wants to know why her flight was late and when the next available flight to FLL is. She also wants to know about her luggage because it contains her husbands medications.
      - Q4: Tell me about a time when you had to handle a situation that would normally be dealt with by a supervisor but there were none available. Describe the details and outcome.
      - Q5: Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer.
      - Q6: What excited you about working for AA?

      Good luck!

      • Ivette says:

        Hello there again…hope all is well, I am back on this site again because I received an email from AA in regards of the face to face interview….I fly out this Saturday to Texas …. I am very nervous again lol and would like to know what should I expect from the face to face interview ?

      • eunice bullock says:

        I jus took my video interview n the questions were fine but I think I messes up . I didnt knw tht they gav u 30 seconds to get ir answer together soon as they asked th question I started to respond not knowing tht ws th time to gather ur thoughts smh I didn’t realize tht until the 3rd question out of 6 uggh I hope I didnt blow my opportunity over a lil mistake lik tht..plz help what do u think I should do

    • Carlos says:

      HI Ivette, I think I will speak for a lot of people here, and is to ask you that after your interview is done, post the questions here for all to see. I’m applying also to AA and it will be very nice of you to do that for others. Thanks in advance and good luck with your interview.

  6. Madison says:

    Hey there! Can you tell me more about the foreign language test? I am fluent in only English. Is it a requirement to be bilingual?

    • Judith Howe says:

      I’ve never personally taken the foreign language test, but from what I understand, they will either call you or video conference you and conduct an interview in the language you claimed proficiency in your application.

  7. Ana Jenkins says:

    I am a military wife and would like to build a career for myself, I speak English and Spanish, I am a Fitness Trainer and I also have a degree in my country Honduras, and have taken many college classes here in the USA, but with my husband relocating every few years it has been difficult to finish. I would love to be a flight attendant. What Do you think my chances will be? Does height matter? I am 5’1

  8. Bryan says:


    Does AA always looking for people that talks spanish and english?
    What should a person expect from a training of AA?

  9. Victoria says:

    So if I’m reading this correctly, to obtain a job as a FA you need to apply to the listing. From there, if you qualify you’d be sent through the interview process and then onto the 6 month training in Fort Worth? I was trying to figure out if I needed to go to a training program, and then apply or vice versa.

    • Judith Howe says:

      Victoria – When applying for commercial airlines (i.e., AA) they will hook you up with training after you have passed the interview process. Typically, you only go for training before the interview process when going the Corporate FA route.

  10. Christy says:

    You said you won’t know where your base is,do they try to get you close to where you live if they can? I know their hub is at D/FW. but I live close Fort Myers Airport (RSW)

    • Judith Howe says:

      I would say that they will stick you where they need you…at least until you’ve got some seniority under your belt.

  11. SWALIH.P.A says:

    I am Indian, i speak English and i would like apply for a flight attendant training, i can to intermediate maximum level of English.

  12. Trina says:

    I went through the video interview last Friday. How long does AA take to respond to you for the next step to come in for a face to face interview. I read the steps and I am taking it is a fast turn around.

    • Judith Howe says:

      Probably looking at a 2 week turn around…

      • Trina says:

        Thank you for the fast response. So it should be the earliest as of 2 weeks or more. One more question ? The foreign language test does that apply the candidates that speak English only, or is for the candidates that they speak more than one language? What does the test consist of?

        Thank you for your help!!!

    • Rose says:

      Hi Trina, do you mind telling us what were you asked on the video interview? I have to do it and I am gathering as much information as possible. Thank you and good luck!

  13. Thank you for the steps to become a flight attendent i worked American Eagle and American ticket &gate agent. 1989 2000

  14. guillermo says:

    hello Judith

    ok i”m going to the face to face interview this tuesday. so i’am super exited about that if you get hire for the FA position and you get base out of your hometown when do you leave to that base? and do they give you a chance to look for a place to live?.

    • Judith Howe says:

      One thing at a time. Focus on getting the position first! Once your FA position is secured, things will fall into place, I promise ;)

  15. Brian says:

    I applied to the recent round of hiring. Just got an official invite to interview in DFW.

    The online video questions were essentially the same as described above with the phone interview. One asked to talk about a time you had to work as a team to accomplish something. One asked why you were excited to be a FA for AA. One described a situation and had to re-tell is as you understood it. And there were one or two others but can not remember off the top of my head.

    Between “rounds” took around a week. I submitted an application, about 2 weeks later got invited to the video interview, less than a week after that was asked to update and fill out some information and about a week after, I got the call to come to DFW and they want me to come next week. But, I am also a German and French language speaker, so my process may be faster than normal, as I speak two additional languages they are seeking. Good luck to anyone else going through the process.

  16. KMD says:

    I just applied for a position with American Airlines yesterday evening, (8/09/2013) can anyone tell me how long it took to get a reply for a interview after they submitted their application? I am just excited and anxious.

  17. Amber says:

    Hellow, Ms.Howe!

    On July 27th I interviewed with AA (I was finger printed and asked to reach what looked like an overhead bin) and shortly after my interview (within a week maximum) I received an email with my DOT forms. After problems faxing my forms I was able to scan and email them. I followed up within a week and they said they were not in the system and to expect my offer letter by this week. Is this a good thing or merely a brush off? I am starting to worry about my background check although it should be fine. I have no run ins with the law and at worst so-so credit, which I do not believe will impact my work.

  18. Rose says:

    Hi, I just received the email today to do the video interview, what questions can I expect? I want to read as much as possible so I have a better idea of what is coming. Thank you! and good luck everyone!!!

    • Rose says:

      Sorry, I am reading the other questions and it seemed like you answered my question already!. My process has been moving fast. I applied on Saturday night and received the invitation for the video interview today (Monday). I hope is because they really like me! lol… Again, good luck everyone!!! thanks!

  19. DJ says:

    Hey, guys

    I applied as a French-speaking flight attendant on August 8. And with the news of the government suing AA, do you think this will have any affect on the hiring prospects for me and other applicants?

  20. Ray Ray says:

    If I am applying for just the domestic flight attendant, and I put in the application I know other languages, will I still have to take the language test?

    • Judith Howe says:

      They will want to know which of their candidates are bi-lingual. So if you claim to speak a second language they will be interested in qualifying you with a test. This enables them to categorize your qualifications appropriately. If you don’t want to take the test for some reason, don’t claim that you know a second language. I would claim as many languages as I knew, and would be more than willing to qualify myself by taking the test – it will give you the best chances, undoubtedly.

  21. DJ says:

    I already had my video interview on Monday. Is it normal to have not yet heard back from AA? I really want this job and I’m very nervous. When should I expect to hear back from them? And how do they usually contact prospective FAs after the video interview?

  22. DJ says:

    Also, are they only hiring one French-speaking flight attendant?

  23. DJ says:

    And if I have a BA in history and a minor in French with a 3.3 GPA, does boost my chances?

  24. L.F. says:

    I applied online Sunday August 4. By Wednesday August 7 received a request for a web interview. Completed that Saturday August 10. Received an email yesterday requesting an updated profile. Today received a call asking if I am available to come to

  25. L.F. says:

    Dallas for the interview! I’m so excited!

  26. Hast says:

    This article is spot on! I applied back during the first week of July! I have went through almost all the steps ( app, video interview,update app, face to face interview, DOT forms, received the job offer last week :) ) now scheduled for medical next Tuesday! Soooo excited and blessed this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! They haven’t hired in 12 yrs and it just might be 12 more before they hire again! Take advantage of it good luck to everyone !!!! xoxo

  27. Scholar Nyambura Wanjuhi says:

    Hi?I have always wanted to travel the world and meet different types of people from all over the world.But most of all,i have always desired to be a flight attendant.I speak and write fluent English.But there is one issue though,i live in Kenya,Africa.I took a Cabin Crew course a a local college and passed well.I also managed to get a mean score of B-(minus)in my final high school exam.So,the question is,does the airline hire people who do not live in the U.S.A?

    • Anna says:

      Yes, they do. They will even fly you in for the interview. You just have to have the correct paperwork to work in the US.

  28. Kristin says:

    hello! Thank you so much for moderating this comment thread. It is informative and leaves an optimistic, but objective sense. I submitted my online application, completed the automated personality test and am now waiting. :) I am a bilingual (German/English) American living in Germany. I am wondering realistically (if you can speculate) what my chances maybe to get further in the interview process, especially what seems to be at least a couple (international) trips to be in person. I am very excited at the prospect of re-entering the world of flying (NWA for 5 years–16 years ago). Which brings me to another question of perhaps my age, 45, being a factor…
    Thank you so much for your time and attention :)

  29. Tati says:

    What type of questions do they ask you during your group interview?

  30. Daniel says:

    Thanks for all the great info.
    I have just completed the video interview, and I have a question regarding the face-to-face interview.
    If you don’t live in the city where the interview will take place, does the company fly you in, or do you need to purchase your own ticket?
    Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

  31. Ellie says:

    Hi all,
    I have my in person interview next week (sept 5) I may be getting a head of myself but what is the time frame if I were offered a Jon to when I start training? Is it a group thing all at once or you start periodically?

  32. Crystal says:

    I really like to apply for FA in AA but I only have permission to work in the USA (work permit) do you have to be able to travel outside the USA to work for AA?

  33. Margaret says:

    Waiting to see if they schedule me for the face to face interview I hope I get it. This is my dream ever since I can remember. I already did the video interview I’m just hoping they likes it because I was very nervous though it. Because I do much better when I have a actual person sitting in front of me.

  34. sonam ali says:

    I want to be a flight attenant, I am going to school for it, if I get hired and my base is not where I live, will I be given a place to stay at or do I have to look n pay for a place to stay at???

  35. Tiffany says:

    Is there any schooling that I need to attend before training to become a flight attendant

  36. Traver says:

    My question for anyone to offer any insight……… I’m about to go for my medical. I know for a fact that I have a slight blue/green colorblindness. Will this automatically disqualify me for the FA position? I sure hope no, but it’s make me extremely nervous.

    Any information?

  37. Jasmine says:

    Hi I’ve wanted to be a flight attendant for quite some years now & I’ve finally went & applied :) I’m at the point where they’ve invited me for a F2F interview I’m very confident in my ability to get the job EXCEPT for one thing I’m a little worried about. Last year while leaving my ex (we both lived together & have a child together) we got into a slight altercation he was trying to keep me from leaving & in the process of trying to get out I ran into his car & it got dented in the process. Long story short he called the cops & filed a report then months later I got pulled over on a traffic stop in a different state & found out I had a felony criminal mischief warrant from that incident. I have NOT been convicted of it AND my son’s father has written statement which he turned in saying that he’s agreed to drop the charges. But we’re waiting on the DA to officially drop it. I’m 30 years old & haven’t had any trouble besides that domestic situation which resulted in a minor felony. WILL THIS AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY ME ONCE MY PRINTS ARE RUN? Even though its currently in the process of being dropped????? I REALLY want to be a flight attendant.

  38. I just completed my video interview today and thought I did well. From reading the previous posts, am I correct to assume that the next step is an invitation to attend a face-to-face interview in Dallas,TX? I applied for the French Flight Attendant position. Will they pay for my flight and hotel for the interview? How much time will they give me to book my flight and hotel? Please give me as many details as possible. Thank you so much.


  39. Nick says:

    So, I’ve been going through the hiring process for the past couple months (initially applied August 3, 2013) and I just completed/updated my “Online Application Form” earlier today, as it is a requirement in order to be scheduled for the interview in Texas. Does the completion of that part guarantee a callback to schedule the F2F interview? And if so, how long does it usually take them to get back to me? I’m so anxious! I just want to get there already! Haha! =)

  40. Brookie says:

    It is so exciting to hear about everyone’s process ad excitement! I am in the exact same boat! I applied for Chinese speaking FA position about 2 weeks ago, and did the video interview last week. Still waiting to hear about the next step but can’t wait^^

  41. tonyrennes says:

    hi guys , i ve apply for french speaker position but im in europe and i have just european passport,do you think they will be interested or they wont take any of european peoples?
    I m already a senior cabin crew for more than 7 years
    thank you for replying
    good luck to everyone

  42. binita says:

    Hi,am a cabin crew flying with kuwait airlines for the past 8 years. I would like to apply for AA. But I dont have the visa and I’ve never visited u.s if they short list my application will they send me a letter to apply for duty visa.R only people living in u.s can apply for this airlines. Thank you

  43. Bibi says:

    Hi, I have to do my interview tomorow ,but im not available before 6month if I’m Hired.
    Is it possible to tell them ,I want to start in March 2014?

  44. Jennifer says:

    What is the last step in the hiring process with AA? Is the back ground check done before the last step?

  45. Rayza Colindres says:

    Hello I am actually working in AAO in Guatemala I have visa I need know if I could apply for flight attendant

  46. LOurdes says:

    I am applying to become a Flight Attendant. I have a great customer service background, and I have a college degree. I am very friendly, and outgoing and I feel I can excel in this career. MY downside is, I was previously arrested. I did not lie about it on my application. But, they did not ask for that many details. I was fingerprinted at the time of arrest. The arrest at first was a felony, but they judge re considered and lowered the charge. Will this automatically ban me?

  47. June Havad says:

    I have a question. I know that FA need to be immaculate when it comes to grooming and all, I have applied for a position and received the email for a video interview. The thing is, since I was a child I’ve been suffering from Acne. Everywhere I look, I never even seen a FA with any facial flaws. Will the acne be a problem? Am I wasting my time in even trying for the position?

  48. Valentine says:

    Hello Judith
    i recently applied for a CCM position with AA,the issue is i live in South Africa,but i got a reply saying i’m shortlisted and i have to pay half of the amount for my visa and my question is ,is this not a scarm?

  49. nathalie says:

    If I applied for AA, and got an email saying I was not schedule to interview for the position, can I re-apply?

  50. Niki says:

    Good afternoon all!

    I am currently a Home Based Sales Agent for AA, I have applied for the FA English Speaking Position and was later asked to do a video interview, I was given 30 seconds to answer each question. Although I felt I answered straightforward and to the best of my knowledge within our company, I was not selected for a face to face in DFW. I have applied once more but for the Spanish Speaking FA as I am fluent as well. What are some key points I should know when re applying after receiving my first letter of rejection? I will keep applying though, I would just like to hear from those who have done their face to face in DFW.

    Kind Regards,


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