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How To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant

Posted July 24th, 2013 in Requirements by Judith Howe

Flight attendants have one of the best and enjoyable jobs in the world. They are members of an aircrew that is primarily focused on ensuring that passengers aboard their vessels are comfortable and safe. Traveling from one city to the other is typical, and at times traveling will cross continents and doorways of five star hotels. Who would not love to have such a life?

The creme of the crop of flight attendants is certainly the Corporate Flight Attendant. This unique breed of flight attendants are exemplify A+ customer service and facilitate high class traveling. Airlines that are owned by individuals or private companies will contract out their on-board services to qualified flight attendants, or corporate flight attendants. While some people may prefer to be employed by private corporate airlines, there are various advantages and disadvantages that come with this job. There are also requirements that one must also meet in order to become a corporate flight attendant. Most of these corporate airlines have relatively small aircrafts which are designed for transporting small groups of people hence their cabin crew number is also relatively small. These flights are very prestigious and some even have personal offices, bedrooms and very comfortable seats, depending on the sizes and make of the

Of course, there are also some disadvantages of corporate contract work, Ala corporate flight attendant contracts. Most of the time, an agreed contract will give you work for a finite period of time. Job security becomes a little bit more stressful. This particular breed of flight attendants excel at maintaining incredible relationships with their clients, they become integral in the corporate airline industry , and find that they are able to increase their value from one contract to another. For those highly motivated, and who have superb people and relationship skills, you may find that this arena suits you best.

The world’s business class and elite travelers pay big sums of money to enjoy the services of the corporate flights and hence it’s the flight attendant’s job to ensure that the flight experience is held to the highest standard possible. In the beginning of ones career it can be pretty difficult to land a contract as a corporate flight attendant. The good contracts are highly competitive because they pay higher, have superior accommodations, better working conditions, and the nature of the clientele.

The requirements of becoming a corporate flight attendant are similar to commercial airline flight attendants, however, the steps involved are in slightly different order. First off, most prospective corporate flight attendants will need to secure their own training before applying with their corporate gig. As I’ve discussed, the benefit of obtaining employment with a commercial airline (e.g., American Airlines) is that they will provide full in house training, with no expense to the employee (you). This is typically not the case in the corporate world. You have to make that initial investment in yourself.

Secondly, the corporate world deals with a lot of passengers who are very well off, and who expect unbelievably high class services. So, it is not uncommon for corporate flight attendants to have additional training and experiences with, for example, culinary work. Corporate flight attendants are often asked to prepare on-board meals that are on par with gourmet quality. In addition, the corporate flight attendant must have the ability to roll with the uber high class. This population of people require services that are only offered by the best in customer service. People who can anticipate peoples needs and who can make the flight the most enjoyable experience are the ones who excel in the corporate world.

Becoming a commercial flight attendant is a constantly iterative process. Follow these steps as a general outline to get you going in the right direction:

  1. Attend flight attendant training courses. Attend the minimum required to land your first contract.
  2. Begin to market yourself. Develop an incredible resume. Hone in on your interviewing skills. Write cover letters that blow employers minds.
  3. Stay connected! Never let off the throttle. Become integrated in as many social platforms as humanly possible. Connect with as many individuals as possible.
  4. Stay trained! When you do land a corporate contract, understand how things work. You’ll see that some people get bigger contracts than others, and that there are reasons why some people get bigger contracts with others. Understand how things in the corporate world work and constantly keep your training and qualifications relevant so you can always negotiate the most attractive deals. Always think, what can I do to make myself more marketable.

I hope you have found this article to be useful. Beyond the Red Carpet is a very useful guide for those interested in really getting serious about becoming a Corporate Flight Attendant.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or simply contact me here.


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