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How To Become A Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant certification and licensing is administered through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Therefore, finding a training program that meets all of the FAA training requirements is something you will need to do before enrolling and forking over any money.  The FAA training requirements impose high security evaluations and extensive background checks.  Finding a FAA approved training program for Flight Attendants is the most important piece of information that you should take away from this post.

The only absolute requirement to be accepted into a Flight Attendant training program is a high school diploma (or equivalent).  With a high school diploma you could get into a Flight Attendant training program today if you paid the fees and cleared the background check.  However, the best route to go about obtaining the necessary training certification is through your perspective employer/airline.   Build an incredible resume, market yourself to airlines that host in-house training programs, and gain employment as soon as you finish your training program…Everything you need in one shot.

Building a resume, and marketing yourself as a good investment for airlines is the preferred way of getting your training paid for.

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, so a college education is something that will certainly give you an edge when trying to position yourself with an airline offering in-house training.  Showing relevant college course work, such as Communications, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, Anthropology, Police or Fire Science, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, or Education are things that would definitely help you stand out.

Another valuable qualification to have in securing your enrollment with an airline supported Flight Attendant training program is experience in customer service.  A lot of airlines are expecting to see at least two years of college education or relevant work experience in customer service.  Indeed, having both would only bolster your qualifications.

If you are seeking employment on international flights, you are going to be expected to speak the language of whatever country you expect to travel to.  Showing proficiency is suggested.  If your goal is to work with an international airline then I would suggest learning a new language.  To learn a new language there are several methods.  Rosetta Stone is a language software package that shows serious results.

The airline training program is typically 3-8 weeks in length and will provide you with all of the skills and competencies needed to satisfy your job requirements.  Large airlines typically have several of their own facilities.  Topics that are typically covered are:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Customer Service 101
  • Customer Service 201
  • Customized Initial Flight Attendant Training
  • Emergency Procedures Training
  • Flight Leader
  • Fundamentals of Aviation for Flight Attendants
  • International Flight Attendant Training
  • Operational Experience Supervisor
  • Security

Once you have completed your training, and have received your training certificate, you are halfway to where you want to be.

If you don’t know where to begin, or you feel kind of lost, feel free to follow the guidance below.

Before You Start Your Application Process:

The Application Process:

Nailing The Interview


Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with something else.  Also, feel free to suggest other topics that would help you secure employment as a Flight Attendant.

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